Jennnie Lucile
aka "Bunny Girl"
aka "Bunny Hunch"
aka "Bunny Foo Foo"
aka "Bunny"
aka "I'll take that as a no?"
(Greater North American Silver-Gray Couch Weasel)
Jennnie Lu was born around 2/14/2001
She passed away on July 30th, 2011

These were all taken the first week she adopted me in 2/2002.


This is her evil look.

This is her pure evil look (unretouched, taken with triple-flash red-eye reduction strobe).

Her boyfriend, John, finally caught on camera.

Her adores her, waits by the back door all night when it's 5 below.


She eats mainly Purina Cat Chow, but she gets this as an occasional treat.

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